Friday, January 4, 2019

Autumnal Harlequin Quilt Top

From November 2015...

For my October birthday, in 2015, I decided to quietly enjoy the day with some seasonal fabrics. I dug out all the autumnal colors to inspire me as I thumbed through my quilt books. My heart grabbed on to a certain Harlequin pattern...


This lovely batik became my focus fabric...


Then I agonized which colors to pull out for the other diamonds...


Firmly decided, it was time to sew! (Or should I change more colors around?) Decisions, decisions.


With the quilt top sewn, it was time to make the quilt sandwich...


Then the hand stitching to bind all the layers together began...


Before I knew it, it was Christmas. I put it away to work on the following autumn. I'm actually still handquilting this. It's a project that I now have stored away until autumn. How lovely to keep warm underneath while stitching away...

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Sewing Dresses, Tote Bags, and Hats in 2018:A Year in Review

With plenty of fabric in the stash, I resolved to end the agonizing of decision making and actually sew! All fabric and patterns were in the stash. I only needed to resupply various notions. I did sew a few other garments that I threw out in discouragement. Below are the ones I quite enjoyed sewing and wearing.

1960 Dress in Blue Embroidered Gingham ...dug out from the time vault


Contemporary Dress in Yellow Embroidered Gingham ...dug out from the time vault.


Tote Bags Galore


1981 Dress in Red and White Stripes


1957 Horrockses Style Dress in Vintage Blue and Red


Contemporary Blue and White Sun Safe Hat Trimmed in Lavender and Pink


A Breezy White Blouse in Embroidery of Pink

Simplicity 8090 White with Embroidered Pink Front

1950's Autumnal Jumper


1952 Merry Christmas Dress

1952 Dress