Sunday, January 5, 2020

A brook runs under the Cabinetmaker Shop

From May 18, 2019

The next trade we took my daughter's boyfriend to was the Cabinetmaker. Their craftsmanship in fine woodwork extends to these stunning sketches.

51-CW Cabinetmaker Shop
Craftsmanship of the Cabinetmaker at Colonial Williamsburg

All supplies neatly organized.

50-CW Cabinetmaker Shop
Cabinetmaker supplies at Colonial Williamsburg

Love looking at the view of the brook that runs underneath the shop. My daughter's boyfriend was amazed.

52-CW Cabinetmaker Shop
A brook runs under the Cabinetmaker shop at Colonial Williamsburg

This trade, along with the others, research primary source documents to replicate 18th century techniques.

53-CW Cabinetmaker Shop
Books for the Cabinetmaker at Colonial Williamsburg

Outside enjoyment of the bridge and brook...

54-CW Cabinetmaker Shop
Outside the Cabinetmaker Shop at Colonial Williamsburg

Such a charming area...

55-CW Cabinetmaker Shop
Outside the Cabinetmaker Shop at Colonial Williamsburg

The kids wanted to hang here for quite some time.

56-CW Cabinetmaker Shop
Outside the Cabinetmaker Shop at Colonial Williamsburg

Stay tuned for the brickmaker!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

A fearful trip to the Wigmaker

From May 18, 2019

After visiting the milliner and the silversmith, we ventured to the wigmaker.

18-CW Wigmaker
Wigmaker Shop at Colonial Williamsburg

My kids had been terrified the first time they visited the wigmaker years ago, who kindly suggested she'd happily shave their heads for them, in preparation to more properly wear a wig.

19-CW Wigmaker
Wigmaker Shop at Colonial Williamsburg

Today my kids were willing to test the waters because they were showing the sites of the historic area to my daughter's boyfriend, who as making his first journey into the 18th century.

20-CW Wigmaker
Wigmaker Shop at Colonial Williamsburg

Thankfully, all was well, as no threats for free shavings were offered on this day.

21-CW Wigmaker
Wigmaker Shop at Colonial Williamsburg

I just loved the lovely displays of more beautiful craftsmanship abounded.

22-CW Wigmaker
Wigmaker Shop at Colonial Williamsburg

Located near the Capitol, many a burgess could easily conduct business to update his attire before returning to his burgess duties.

23-CW Wigmaker
Wigmaker Shop at Colonial Williamsburg

Friday, January 3, 2020

A surprise purchase at the Silversmith

From May 18, 2019

After a lovely visit with the milliner, the kids and I ventured next door to the Golden Ball Silversmith Shop. Their creations are a work of art.

17-CW Silversmith
Craftsmanship of the Silversmith at Colonial Williamsburg

The progression of the making of a spoon is fascinating.

16-CW Silversmith
Silversmith Shop at Colonial Williamsburg

Their craftsmanship is exquisite.

15-CW Silversmith
Silversmith Shop at Colonial Williamsburg

They do their research from 18th century sources.

14-CW Silversmith
Books at the Silversmith Shop at Colonial Williamsburg

Craftsmanship at work.

13-CW Silversmith
Silversmith at work at Colonial Williamsburg

After my son and I left, my daughter and her boyfriend lingered in the store. Turns out her boyfriend was making a very important purchase to later put on my daughter's finger. Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Milliners, Gowns, and Underpinnings in Spring Colors

From May 18, 2019

After my recent trip to Colonial Williamsburg, my son determined to work in a Saturday for he, his sister, and her boyfriend to join us.

Lots of inspiration was to be found at the Margaret Hunter Shop...

Gown-Colonial Williamsburg

Stays-Colonial Williamsburg

Gowns-Colonial Williamsburg

Underpinnings-Colonial Williamsburg

Hat-Colonial Williamsburg

Milliner-Colonial Williamsburg

Milliner-Colonial Williamsburg

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

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Perfectly Planning (2)
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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Meeting the Marquis de Lafayette in 1824

From May 6, 2019

One day in May I got to meet the Marquis de Lafayette in 1824!

3-Lafayette 1824
Marquis de Lafayette, 1824, Colonial Williamsburg

The prelude to the interpretive program was well done. It was a slide show of Lafayette and the French Revolution while playing the French anthem.

It certainly got one into the spirit of things when the Lafayette arrived on the stage to recount a brief history of his life in France as a young boy, how he fought in the American Revolution, and survived the French Revolution. Now here he was in Williamsburg once again, touring America by special invitation from President Monroe.

Read about Lafayette after the American Revolution here.

A Lady's Summery Riding Habit and a Regimental for the 1st Dragoons at the Colonial Williamsburg Tailor

From May 6, 2019

After venturing through several Colonial Williamsburg gardens, and a visit with the Marquis de Lafayette in 1824, I visited the tailor shop on Duke of Gloucester Street.

7-CW Tailor Shop

Always so neat and tidy, yet busy with the daily business of many commissions.

8-CW Tailor Shop

Had a wonderful chat with this lovely intern who shared all the details of the shop with me. Best wishes on her future studies (and loved that she remembered me and my kids from adventures long ago)!

9-CW Tailor Intern

Also got to visit with the very busy master tailor, with whom I've not had a chance to visit for years. He showed me all the latest commissions in the shop...

10-CW Tailor Shop

This nearly completed project is a smashing regimental - 1st Regiment of Dragoons..

11-CW Tailor-Regimental-1st Regiment of Dragoons
Regimental-1st Regiment of Dragoons

Drool over those hand sewn buttonholes!

12-CW Tailor
Colonial Williamsburg Tailor Shop

Yes, a lady's riding habit would have been sewn by the tailor. I have three of these on my sewing list. This one is sewn in dimity, which is lightweight for summer.

14-CW Tailor-Lady's Riding Habit
Ladies' Riding Habit

Love the blue and white for summer...

15-CW Tailor-Lady's Riding Habit
Lady's Riding Habit

16-CW Tailor-Lady's Riding Habit
Lady's Riding Habit