Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fitting in Sensory Integration Disorder

Okay, I don't think I typed that title correctly. However it seems to speak to what I really want to say when looked at from various angles. February was a crazy month, hence the lack of blogging. My fatigue has caused me to struggle with articulating this, yet I thought it would be helpful to the other moms out there who have kids with Sensory Integration Disorder.

Why was February especially crazy? Every time I turned around, something seemed to happen that needed lots of time for dealing with the situation and fixing things. First, my daughter's purse was stolen. It goes without saying that every important thing in it was stolen as well. Then my son had a flurry of doctor appointments to see various specialists...numerous trips back and forth to Walter Reed Medical Center and Fort Belvoir Hospital in crazy DC traffic. Boy did we learn some astonishing diagnoses for my son. The recurring diagnosis, that reminded me of his toddler days, was that my son's numbers from various tests were neither in the norm nor excessively concerning to the doctors. Repeatedly their final assessment was that my son seems to have set his own definition of normal where medical tests are concerned. Well...at least all the  specialists over the years, from Sheppard AFB to Lackland AFB to Washington DC area hospitals are consistent!

On top of all that, my daughter struggles with learning to drive. Thus I'm her driver. Early in the morning to catch the bus to college. Late at night to come home from work or college. Then all the stops in between.

Through our busy month various scenarios reminded me of when my kids were diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder when they were toddlers. I was thankful for the direction I received to help my kids through special activities. However unique situations continue to come into my kids' lives that require a push to do some of those activities which are best to nourish the nervous system and sort of work out the kinks of life. It is so much harder to impress that upon young adults who can't seem to find the time with crazy insane schedules of college and work.

One of the enemies we face is the media driven culture that the colleges and work environments embrace. I try to focus on the old fashioned way of doing things because that is best for SI. However there is always those assignments that require massive amounts of screen time. Screen time, when balanced, isn't much of an issue for me. But in excess too much screen time causes problems. Screen time should be like dessert. It's fun, but it should be taken in moderation. A balanced diet of food helps the body as much as a balanced sensory diet nourishes the nervous system. Thus it's maddening when colleges push the screen time in lieu of balance.

I shall be blogging about this more in days to come. I have finally caught up with our vacation stories from last year, which was a lot of fun to do. I'm ready for more travels and sightseeing. However I do have loads of photos stored in boxes that were taken in the days before digital cameras. I've been meaning to scan them and tell stories of my kids when they were little. Of our travels in Texas. Of our Sensory Integration journey. Of our homeschool journey in the early days. Stay tuned...because I have finally learned to scan and I think I can make that happen!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Talking about Time Traveling

I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooo behind on sharing about all of my incredible Time Travel adventures and photography, that I thought I'd keep track of it more publicly. I've been busy with many things in the past year, including organizing my piles. Well one of my piles is a basket full of all of my vacation notes just waiting to become a story on my blog!


In fact I've decided to move this post to each new month as I hopefully complete these journeys before I start a new set of journeys next summer! At least that is my hope because I love to travel and experience and learn new things. Clicking on the highlighted entries will take you to my blog post about that experience.

Otherwise I've been busy with: