Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cornucopia Thanksgiving Quilt

One of my more recent sewing projects was a small wall quilt I sewed for Thanksgiving .Here is the pattern set against some pieces from my fabric stash.


Now for the full effect of my fabric stash from which I agonized over color and scale selection. I redid several applique pieces in different colors as I truly agonized. I struggled over the proper balance of light, medium, and dark, as well as scale of pattern for texture. It's truly a learning process.


This was the focus fabric I chose for the border, from which I hoped to pull colors to complement the total look.


The focus fabric of colorful leaves against the burgundy background I chose for the outer border. I thought I mix of a new graphic, the orange plaid, would be a great inner border. Then the soft orange buds against cream would be the background for the more colorful cornucopia.


This is an example of how I plaid with applique fabric options. Which piece would make the best pumpkin, to complement the focus fabric? I love both and started with the one on the left, but it seemed too bright and was lost and yet a bit glaring. The one on the right is what I finally settled on, since it seemed to flow the best in the way of a complementary hue. 


Well for all that agonizing, I still didn't get the overall look I was going for, namely for the corn. This is definitely a learning process.