Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ancient Rome Dialectic History Presentation

Last month my MIL flew in from New York to see one of these history presentations for herself! Of course, my parents were there too! This time we were a Roman family. 

After introducing ourselves, dd said the Lord's Prayer in Latin.  Then we ate.

Because the Romans made oratory famous, that was the theme of this celebration.  The dc had completed their first year of IEW and had learned how to write persuasive speeches, which is what Roman oratory is all about. I printed onto parchment paper all of their 5 paragraph persuasive essays that they had written in the past few weeks. Then I rolled them up like scrolls. This kids picked these up to read out loud.  Here are the the scrolls and ds's art projects...

Here are dd's art projects...

 Here is dd reading one of her papers.

Here is ds giving Paul's famous oratory to the Athenians in Acts 17: 22-31.