Monday, October 2, 2006

Ancient Egypt Dialectic History Presentation

Last year we had an Ancient Egypt History Presentation which my mom joined us for! This was the first time we had invited extended family so she had no idea we'd be wearing costumes. When we opened the door her jaw literally dropped to the floor while smiling from ear to ear!lol She was shocked to see us!(At this time, ds is 10 and dd is 12.)

Egyptian Family with Cat of Bubastees

Here we are with Slipper kitty.  Moments before Mom's arrival, ds suggested that we present a brief introduction of who we were, with a testimony that we had changed our faith to the one true God of the Hebrews.  Slipper posed as the Cat of Bubastees, one of our favorite books written by GA Henty that I read aloud to them. 

After our introductions, ds opened the history presentation with the shofar he made out of paper mache. That boy will find any excuse to make noise! 

Then we ate food typical of the various cultures we had studied.

Egyptian Food

Our favorite was the pomegranate.  I have never used these before.  I had to google instructions on how to use them.  They are full of seeds which are the part that you eat.  They are filled with a great liquid.  I also found a wonderful recipe!  First you roll the pomegranate on the counter top to smash the seeds inside.

Pomegranate Juicing

Then you poke a hole into the fruit with a skewer and insert a straw.  The world's first soft drink!  LOL

Sip a Pomegranate

Then we showed off our projects.  Here is one of ds' seven page flip books on Creation.  We made each page a different size and they increased by one inch as they got bigger.  This is the day the stars were created.  We already had a million foam stars someone had given the dc for crafts, so we pulled them out for this project.

Creation Books

 Here's his page on the day the frogs and turtles (more foam shapes) were created.

Creation Books

 Here is one of dd's pages.  Don't you love the flamingo?  I think she used a stencil for that, the cat and the flower.  And she used cotton for the clouds. 

Creation Books

Scanning the table from right to left you see...

Ancient Projects

Here are overlay transparancy maps.  We did these for the Great Flood. I used numerous Creation resources to study geology and the Flood.  From looking at recent big floods and volcanic eruptions (like Mt. St. Helens) Creationist Scientists have seen that big floods create huge canyons within days, not millions of years.  After all, when do you see the greatest erosion, over years of peaceful weather, or after floods?  When we first moved into our house, there was no grass and we had a hill.  That was fine, until it rained and the harder it rained, the more erosion I had.  I needed to hurry up and put grass down before my yard washed completely away!  We've had 3 different hundred year floods in our area since our dc have been born.  The one flood caused waters to go over the spillway of a dam for the first time ever...creating a new course of direction for the river and a new canyon. After the flood waters started to recede and the river road was passible again, we drove down and were shocked at the change!  Using this as the baseline for our theories, our transparency maps reflect these changes. 
Transparency Overlay Maps

 These are the salt dough maps of the Nile River.

Salt Dough Maps

My dc were just learning how to use IEW and KWO with simple paragraphs.  So we took one of our paragraphs and made a pop up book!

Pop Up Books and IEW

Another pop up book with a paper boat... 

Egyptian Boat
Our major art project was the tabernacle. Since this represents our relationship with God and is referenced over and over again in the Bible, I prioritized for us to understand this better by making a model.  I'll detail how we made it in the next blog entry.

Tabernacle Model

Here is ds lifting the different covers to the tabernacle, explaining the significance of each one.

Tabernacle Model

Here is the inside from the top...

Tabernacle Model

Today, we can sketch out all the pieces and what they are and what they represent!  This is an extremely meaningful project!

Well, at the end, Mom was quite impressed!  She said she was going to tell everyone they needed to come to the next one..when would that be she asked?  This was not fluff she said, as best as I can remember.  But she was really impressed and wanted us to do another one!