Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Yellow Embroidered Gingham Dress in Washington DC

The kids and I spent the afternoon in Washington DC...and I happened to be wearing one of my newly sewn dresses, so I asked my son if he'd do a photo shoot for me.


And...there's my son! I handed my cell phone to my daughter to take pictures of the photo shoot, so that I could upload a few to facebook. Also I thought it would be fun to have a photo of the official photographer!


Furthermore, I knew it would be a great and simple project for my daughter to take pictures and work on her spatial reasoning. She's come a long way with picture taking, but is still rather adverse to doing photography of her own accord. The beauty of digital is that we can preview the photos. She thought they were good but I'd point out this or that, which she hadn't noticed. So she took new shots and they were great! All in all she seemed to have a lot of fun taking pictures in this setting, and I love the photos she took!


I love this one, where there is just a hint of photographer. She thought I was going to ask her to redo that one, but I told her it was a keeper!


And now for one of the many shots my son took, and edited. He is quite methodical and tells me exactly how he wants me to pose. I like this shot a lot.


My turn! I took some photos of our destination, the National Archives.

Love enjoying our Founding Documents in this beautiful location. We also toured the neighboring exhibit about all the other neat items that they preserve. One of my favorite items was a copy of the land deed that Laura Ingalls Wilder's father had for their property in Dakota Territory.


From there we walked across the street to tour the National Gallery of Art, another favorite Washington DC museum. But first my son took a picture for me in front of the NGA's water fountain.


Dress construction details are here.

And my shoes are quite comfortable for walking around town! Like my American Duchess shoes, these don't fit either. But they stay on rather well and make do.