Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Secret Sister 2014 from Alabama

This year my Secret Sister was from Alabama! (I think. I'm finally catching up on SS posts, today in 2015 and back dating them. The next day I was very busy picking up my son from college, then the day after that I came down with a severe illness. The rest of December was a blur. However this box of beauty from a lovely Lennelle arrived at my doorstep!

Oh my goodness! I felt spoiled!

This lovely package when beribboned revealed...
...a journal and gift cards! These will be quite fun to use!
Treats! Quite tasty!
A frosted snowflake ornament!
A tatted cross! Since she knew of my interest in historic sewing, she included the history of tatting. I do have a tatting kit because I've been wanting to learn! It's so pretty! 
A dress form/sewing machine ornament! And she made 2 infinity scarves for me which I wore a lot during my illness when I had to venture out in the ice and snow. The frigid air literally took my breath away which I think was caused by the illness. The scarves helped a lot!

Thank you, Lennelle!