Becoming History Costumes and Presentations

When I home schooled my kids, I motivated them to research and do oral presentations by Becoming History. That had the added bonus of boosting our Classical Education program to a deeper level than by merely reading books and holding Socratic Discussions.

Besides...isn't it wonderfully reminiscent of the Pickwick Club that the March sisters held in their attic?

August 2014-Cold War Rhetoric History Presentation

1956 Spring Sorbet Dresses


April 2014-World War II Rhetoric History Presentation

1940's Dress Black Polka Dot on White
1942 Black Hat with White Roses
1940's Dress Lavender Toile

108_1001 sepia

March 2014-Great Depression Rhetoric History Presentation

1930's Blouse and Jumper

February 2014-Roaring Twenties Rhetoric History Presentation

1928 Robe de Style

December 2013- Progressive Era Rhetoric History Presentation

1912 Lavender Blouse
1912 White Blouse and Yellow Skirt
1902 Capelet and Muff
WWI Regimental


June 2013-Gilded Age Rhetoric History Presentation

Late 19th Century Lace Tea Gown
Rough Riders Regimental


April 2013-Civil War Rhetoric History Presentation

1860 Sheer Gown
Civil War Regimental


March 2013-Texas Independence Rhetoric History Presentation

1836 William Barrett Travis Ensemble
1836 Yellow Romantic Texas Pioneer Gown
1836 Lavender Romantic Gown


Jan 2013-Napoleonic Era Rhetoric History Presentation

1803 Regimental and Chapeau de Bras Part I and Chapeau de Bras Part II
1813 Sheer Voile Gown


August 2012-American Revolution Rhetoric History Presentation

Everything was handsewn after taking classes with the Colonial Williamsburg tailor and mantua maker through Burnley and Trowbridge, as well as classes I took at the Colonial William Costume Design Center.


May 2012-British Colonial America Rhetoric History Presentation

Doublet and Accessories


February 2012-Renaissance Rhetoric History Presentation

Venetian Gown-Part I and Part II
Elizabethan Gown


November 2011-Middle Ages Rhetoric History Presentation



June 2011-Ancient Rome Rhetoric History Presentation

Toga Research
Stola Research


April 2011-Classical Greeks Rhetoric History Presentation

Greek Masks
Linothorax Armour for Alexander the Great (Part I)
Linothorax Armour for Alexander the Great (Part II)
Peplos of Silk
Peplos of Sheer Cotton


January 2011-Early Greeks Rhetoric History Presentation

Mycenaean Clothing


October 2010-Ancient Egypt Rhetoric History Presentation

Ancient Egyptian Clothing


May 2010-Postmodern Dialectic History Presentation


April 2010-Cold War Dialectic History Presentation

February 2010-WWII Dialectic History Presentation

November 2009-Progressive Era Dialectic History Presentation

July 2009-Gilded Age Dialectic History Presentation

June 2009-Crimean War/Civil War Dialectic History Presentation

October 2008-Napoleonic Era Dialectic History Presentation

Oliver Hazard Perry Regimental
Regency Gowns

June 2008-American Revolution Dialectic History Presentation

April 2008-Native Americans Dialectic History Presentation

January 2008-Renaissance Dialectic History Presentation

November 2007-Middle Ages Dialectic History Presentation

June 2007-Ancient Rome Dialectic History Presentation

March 2007-Ancient Greece Dialectic History Presentation

 November 2006-Ancient Cultures Dialectic History Presentation

October 2006-Ancient Egypt Dialectic History Presentation


  1. Wow! You guys are amazing! My sister and I grew up homeschooled and we did costumes for history with our mom too, but maybe not to this extent. :) We're all grown now and off to college. These costumes are so accurate, creative, and unique! (and you started all this before all the craftyness of pintrest was a thing.) Homeschooling is an amazing way of learning. Carry on you educated folks!

  2. What fun costumes! I just bought a few today for our "Roaring Twenties" celebration, but will be heading into the sewing room as well!