Friday, March 12, 2021

Starry Night Quilt

From 6-22-2020 

I finally conquered another stashbusting project!

In free moments I spent the winter of 2020 cozily handquilting one of my many quilt tops. By the end of spring I finsihed my quilt. In June I found a great location to take quilt photos.

Starry Night Quilt
Starry Night Quilt

From my fabric stash I used lots of batiks and watercolor type fabrics with shadings of light and dark with the blue to purple palette, allowing the light to bounce off in interesting ways depending on the time of day. Sort of like Monet!

To have fun with the hand quilting, I hand stitched swirls to replicate the galaxy throughout the quilt. I used various shades of deep purple and blue, and also lilac for this which adds to the impressionist effect.

This was my second quilt to finish in 2020, which felt great! You can see my first quilt, The Harlequin, here. It is pieced by machine, but quilted by hand.


  1. Lovely! It has such depth and interest. My eye is constantly finding new starry vistas to observe. It's great that you had a productive quilting year!


  2. I'm finding it handy to practice my precision, hand stitches, and buttonhole stitches for historic sewing!