Thursday, March 4, 2021

Baby Cross Stitch for my Granddaughter

When I was pregnant with my daughter over 20 years ago, I cross stitched several pieces to hang in her room. And this was the first one I cross stitched. But back then, these hung in oak frames with mats.
4-Baby Cross Stitch
Baby Cross Stitch

They hung in 3 different base houses in Wichita Falls, Texas during my kids' toddler years. Then we made a big move back to San Antonio. My kids were older, starting their homeschool years. 
When I packed these pictures, I took the cross stitched pieces out of the frame, to make for less storage and lighter packing.

On a funny side note, as I was packing, my 4yo and 6yo were busy redecorating the empty hooks from which these cross stitched pieces once hung. When I walked in, I found this!

January 2000 My kids redecorated after I packed pictures
My 4yo and 6yo redecorated the hooks while I packed the pictures

Kids are funny! But when we got to our new home, I painted their walls! Trains for my son's room. A garden for my daughter's. And Under the Sea for their bathroom. Anyway, I digress.

5-Baby Cross Stitch
Baby Cross Stitch
My intent had been to scrapbook albums of my kids' baby pictures, then put the cross stitch pieces on the fronts. But I was very busy painting all the walls! Then when we moved to Virginia, my kids kept me busy sewing historic clothing for them to wear to Colonial Williamsburg!

3-Baby Cross Stitch
Baby Cross Stitch
Fast forward 19 years. My daughter got married, then a month later announced she was pregnant!

2-Baby Cross Stitch
Baby Cross Stitch
I decided to gift her the cross stitch pieces with an entirely new look. This time I bought white frames all the same size. I bought several pieces of scrapbook paper. (All from Hobby Lobby.) Then I simply laid the cross stitch on top of the scrapbook paper.

1-Baby Cross Stitch
Baby Cross Stitch

I like how the gingham of the scrapbook paper plays with the textures of the aida cloth and the little x's of the cross stitches. 
For this last Christmas I found some large pink foam 3D flowers at Hobby Lobby. I bought 3 for the baby's room. All these plus the hand me down white crib and the light green toile are adorable...just like my grand daughter!

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