Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Flowers for my daughter's Wedding

What happens when you sell a house while preparing for a wedding? Well I forgot to take pictures of the process. Then I thought I'd get to use the professional photos, but we are still waiting for them to arrive. Thankfully, my son who was in the wedding, took a few snaps after the wedding. So I decided to do a sneak peak with those photos to reveal the florals I made for my daughter.

My daughter was on a tight budget, and she wanted purple spring flowers before she knew the wedding date. I told her that real flowers would have a short life span, be expensive, and she'd be limited to what was in season. That meant of she had an autumn wedding, she'd only have autumnal flowers to choose from. She didn't like the idea of autumn or winter arrangements. She wanted spring. (And turned out the only day the church was available was one autumnal day in October.)

I learned how to make silk wedding bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres when my brother got married, so I told her part of my gift to her would be that I would buy her flowers and make her arrangements with silk flowers.

So we went shopping one spring day at Hobby Lobby where they have the best silk flowers I've seen in Northern Virginia, and at great prices. We did our shopping during the 40% off sale.

I helped her make a list of the types of flowers she would need, and then we listed how many we might need for each. Then we walked up and down the flower aisles, and filled the shopping cart with flowers. We also bought some floral tape, floral wire, corsage and boutonniere pins, and ribbons.

13-Bouquets Bridal and Bridesmaids
Bouquets for the Bride and Bridesmaids

For her bouquet she liked the hydrangea best. While in the store, I created the bouquet in her hands by simply placing flowers into her hands and asking her to hold them as if she were in a wedding. I kept adding more to determine how big she wanted it to be. She knew she did not want a long dress, so neither did she want a huge bouquet.

After the bouquet was made, I used a wide lavender ribbon to wrap the stems. Then I stuck the stem down into a lovely giant pink gift bag stuffed with tissue paper, then placed it in the corner of my room while I packed up the eventually be placed in the back of my car with lots of luggage while home hunting...and then to the hotel the day we signed papers on the house...and finally to the church. It never got crushed!

For the bridesmaid bouquets my daughter chose cream rose buds surrounded with lavender flowers. They stems of these were also wrapped in wide lavender ribbon, then carefully laid in a pink/purple gift bag for the big journey to church.

14-Corsage mother
Corsage for the Mothers and Bouquet for the Bride

The Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom each got the same corsage. We scoured pictures in google images for a prototype my daughter liked. Thankfully I was able to pretty much duplicate it. This is the best photo I have of it. My daughter found some sparkly bits for me to insert into the corsage, which sadly the photo didn't capture. These were tied off with a 1/4" wide sheer lavender bow then placed carefully into a pink/purple gift bag.

Grooms bouttonniere and bridal bouquet
Boutonnieres for the Groom and Groomsmen and Bouquet for the Bride

For the guys my daughter chose dark purple rose buds. We kept them simple and tied off the stem with a 1/4" wide sheer dark blue bow then they were placed into a purple gift bag.

Helpers boutonniere
Corsage for the Helpers

My daughter really liked these ranunculus blooms. I used these for each of the helpers. The ladies had theirs tied off with a 1/4" sheer lavender bow, while the guys had theirs tied off with a 1/4" sheer dark blue bow. These were placed into yet another pink/purple gift bag.

None of the flowers were crushed. Less than $200 was spent. I was able to complete them in a couple of days. They kept for months. My daughter liked them a lot. The maid of honor drooled over the bridal bouquet. I watched her snap a picture of it with her phone during the reception. And she made sure she caught it in the bridal bouquet toss and she happily took it home along with her bridesmaid bouquet.

Some of the floral arrangements that decorated the church can be seen here.

Stay tuned for the Audrey Hepburn dresses and more of the wedding photos.

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