Monday, March 16, 2020

The benefits of sunlight amidst changes: Me, You, America, the World

Lots of things have happened in my life, personally, over the last few years, that I'm now creating a new life. =) That is keeping me plenty busy, and I have finally collected pictures of the wedding to tell more of that lovely story of joy, bliss, promise, hope, love...and Audrey Hepburn dresses. =)

But now more is happening in the world that has touched each and every one of us personally. In light of some research that came my way (Lessons about the sun learned from the 1918 influenza epidemic), I thought I'd share a bit of my personal story from the days of yore (aka Before Blogging).

My son was born a preemie and by age 1 was diagnosed Failure to Thrive and by age 2 was on 10 asthma medications. Every time I put him in the church's play room while I attended a Bible Study or church, he got sick, started a cough/vomit reaction, got sick, fell way below weight on the growth chart. Every. Single. Time.
I finally quarantined myself and my kids. No more church. No more play groups except with one or two healthy kids at a time. We sought outdoor activity away from crowds. We walked, we did playgrounds, we watched animals. We went to outdoor concerts on a summer evening by the river where we spread out a blanket and let the kids enjoy. That gave time for my son to not have heavy meds to stop the cough/vomit thing, gave time for the docs to figure out what was going on, gave time for my son to heal. This took 1-2 years. It worked like a charm. We reentered society: church classes with kids his age, by now he was 5, and he no longer had the cough/vomit thing and major weight loss thing going on.
I made sure to not teach my kids fear. I taught them to make healthy choices.
Don't let panic keep you indoors. Be smart by staying away from crowds, but still get outside. It will do you more good than staying inside. 
Staying inside will cause other health factors and actually make you more susceptible to catching this virus.
We all need exercise and fresh air....adults and kids.
There are a few exceptions. Those are rare. They know who they are.
I'd say for kids whose schools have closed due to this virus, get outdoors for your school lessons. Also vision is movement. Too much screen time is bad for your vision and your body. Sitting is the new smoking. (I"m not saying avoid screen time, just find balance.)
Get outdoors to play. Start a nature journal. Study insects, earthworms, and birds in your backyard.
Read from the Great Books list. If you can't access books because libraries are closed (they are in NoVA) then subscribe to audible! 

Since we are all a bit stuck at home, and I can't resume my history travels with all events having been canceled, this might be a good time to start a series of when my kids were littles and share some of this journey of how we used the great outdoors to help them become stronger for a better day.

Last summer, as a part of my downsizing to sell my house and move into an apartment, I finally got around to scanning my photo collection of when my kids were quite the wee ones. Stay tuned for our journey.

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