Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sewing my First Zipper Case...for my Secret Sister Holly from Indiana

'Tis the season for Secret Sister time again! Secret Sister is an annual event with an international on-line homeschool support group that I've been part of for 10 years. Each Christmas we receive a Secret Sister for whom to pray and purchase an ornament. Often I try to sew a little something as well. Our group now meets on facebook and a discussion about zipper cases ensued, to which my Secret Sister, Holly from Indiana, positively replied! Well...I already had a pattern because last summer my daughter asked me to sew a zipper case for her for Christmas.

I had never sewn a zipper case before. I confess I've been quite intimidated by the idea. I swore I'd never sew one of those! Then when I committed to sewing one for my daughter, I couldn't image it being successful. Surely it is an impossible feat. I couldn't imagine how they even come together.

One recent Saturday morning I ventured to the task since my box was due to go into the mail to Indiana. It took me quite some time to gather the supplies, because the zipper I had purchased with the other supplies never made it to the shopping bag. When I got home my shopping bag had all the supplies  minus that zipper. I guess it fell through the cracks of the shopping basket. Sadly, there are no longer any sewing stores near me. I have to venture into the traffic miles east of me to gain a simple zipper. Which meant another trip. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friends started teasing me with a rewrite of the book, If You Gave a Mouse a Cookie. Believe it or not, I've never read that book, although I think I get the gist. However the oddity of the situation was that a few days earlier I spent the day chasing down a mouse in the house!! I'm glad to announce that by late afternoon the mouse finally left the house.

At last all my  supplies were gathered. I laid out my fabrics. I soon changed the course of the mission rather significantly. The various interfacings required for the project were confusing. I could not find the specific ones listed on the pattern. I tried to google on my phone basic descriptions of the required interfacings so that I could substitute the appropriate thickness and hand of drape. By the time I got to work, I was not liking the idea of using them at all. With another read through of the directions, I decided to forego modern interfacings and do this zipper case in an apporpriate method for the 18th century. I used self-fabric and in the end, it worked just fine! I tend to go this route for sewing modern clothing too and I always like it so much more. So now for the grand reveal because...


It actually looks like a zipper case! It even works like a zipper case! I can't believe how therapeutic it was to pull away from the busy-ness of life to just sit and sew and create.


Honestly, I can't believe I sewed this!


I'm amazed at how simple it was!


It actually took me parts of two days to sew this. However if I had full-time sit down time, I could have easily sewn this in a day!


So, I have one more to make for my daughter's Christmas present! I bought some fun fabric that will be perfect for her! I'm excited to hear what her friends at college say when they see it! Stay tuned!

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