Monday, December 5, 2016

Germany, Dresses, and Lavender-Secret Sister 2016 from Wisconsin

As mentioned yesterday, it's Secret Sister time again! Yesterday I showcased a zipper case I made for the SS assigned to me, Holly from Indiana. On Monday I finally drove over the river and through the battlefield surrounded by woods to my itty bitty post office to mail a box to Holly. When I got home I had to sit and wait because the mailman was parked in front of my driveway, blocking it. I watched him put a box on my doorstep then drive away. The box was from my other Secret Sister, assigned to me, Sarah from Wisconsin!

This was a fun box to open, partly because I've known Sarah for years. (In fact I've known Holly for years too!)  The chocolate bars were delicious. I ate them a little at a time throughout the week.  The blueberry one was my favorite. The other one was a bit too salty and sweet for me, but I ate it anyway! =) The notepad is not only lovely on the outside, but was full of lovely notes that Sarah wrote to me throughout the month of November, which is our Secret Sister season. The towels will be put to good use. And now the postcards are tempting me to go to Wisconsin on vacation!

The blue bottle is essential oil! She sells these and put this lavender one together for me to spray on my pillow at night to help me sleep. She knew from my prayer sheet that I asked for prayer for my lack of sleep. This past semester has been a bear. I drive my daughter, because her sensory integration and vision therapy issues are hindering her from learning how to drive. She is learning how to drive, but only very slowly. Therefore, I am her driver. That is why I can't go just anywhere I want to, like Colonial Williamsburg, whenever I want to like I used to. Back then I took the kids with me. Now that they are in college, she needs me to drive her to and from college and work. While I am driving her, I drive my son too. This saves a gob of money on a third car because Virginia has this horrid thing called a personal property tax (which is a tax on your car). We didn't do that in Texas. My son does drive but we are holding off on that until he really needs one. Meanwhile all extra money is going into college tuition payments. It is our goal to not incur the national debt. So far so good. But that is partly because I do all the driving, as late as midnight and as early as 6am. It all depends on the day and most times I have no idea exactly when until I get a text or phone call. Thus I've become quite glued to my cell phone this semester. On some days I am just so tired I can't think straight. And I've had so many headaches from lack of solid sleep that it's been awful. I do lots of napping by day. I don't like that, but it's necessary with my topsy turvey schedule. Then on days I could go to sleep earlier or sleep in later, I can't, because my body has become wired to the collegiate way of living life. Next semester is looking to be double of what this semester was. 


Then there is the German Christmas box, shown above. Sarah went to a German Christmas Market in Chicago to get one of my ornaments. I've always wanted to attend a German Christmas Market! I've had so many friends who used to live in Germany because of military assignments, and they always tell me of the German Christmas Market. Then one of my past Secret Sisters, Jackie, bought an ornament for me at a German Christmas Market when her husband was stationed in Germany years ago. That holds special meaning because our hearts broke when she suddenly passed away last Christmas. Well, a few weeks ago I found out through my cousin that there is a Christmas Market in Washington DC! I was so excited to find this out so I put it on my calendar, for Saturday, December 3. Alas, my daughter's work schedule was offset my son's work schedule so that meant we needed to be available to drive her, so I had to cancel my plans. It turned out for the best anyway because that is the day I sewed the zipper case, and a Convention of States opportunity came up for me to help in making phone calls that afternoon.


But first is this red heart ornament that Sarah made for me. She made one for herself as well. These are to commemorate our 10 year anniversary with the Secret Sister program. Also Sarah chose red to represent the Christmas party dresses we wore to our husbands' office Christmas parties last year. Last year I shared step by step the sewing of my red 1957 vintage party dress.  The week after my husband's office party was her husband's office party when she showcased her red flapper dress, because his office all dressed 1920's Great Gatsby style! Well, that definitely caught the eye of this historical seamstress, so we spent a lot of time chatting about it. So the funny thing is that when I went to fb messenger to send a thank you note, the last chat we had was about our red party dresses! She noted on fb this year that I didn't get to sew a new party dress and that meant a lot to me that she thought of that and remembered my 1957 dress. So now there is an ornament to commemorate all of that!


So, there is a question in our Secret Sister application that asks about how we decorate our tree. I've been meaning, each Christmas, to share the history of our ornaments, but I never seem to have time. I hope I will this year. Anyway you can see our German Christmas tree here...with wooden ornaments and faux crystal.  There is a whole story to that which goes back to my high school Sunday School teacher who had just come from Germany. Well, turns out Sarah has crystal ornaments actually from Germany! And this blue ball with swirls is what she purchased for me at the German Christmas market. She had asked what her SS might like from the market. Of course I had no idea it  meant me and I never answered. How could I ever choose? Besides I like SS creativity. Turns out she got the idea for it from stalking my blog!

Well, this was a fun Secret Sister season! It also allowed me to strengthen ties with two friends I had known for years!

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  1. What a lovely gift! Hopefully the lavender helps you sleep. All that driving sounds exhausting!