Saturday, December 10, 2016

Historic Occoquan, Christmas Carolers...and Robin and the Penguin???

Saturday we went to the Historic Occoquan to see something quite unique. It hearkens back to our first full-fledged visit last July (that I've yet to blog about) when we stood at the bottom of a hill, intruigued by Rockledge Mansion. Then I visited again with my son to volunteer for Convention of States last September during the Arts and Crafts Fair. While awaiting our time slot my son and I walked around, then sat at the base of the same hill, looking up at the intriguing Rockledge Mansion. (My son wasn't with us on the July trip because he was on an incredible boat ride, and even stearing the boat!)  Well, I recently found out that Rockledge was open for free tours for the first time in a long time! Tired as I was, I was glad for this opportunity. I will save that tour for another post because it really doesn't have anything to do with Christmas. And I'd like to catch up on the July trip before I write about this one...(because I'm a sequential). Anyway here is proof that I was there.


So...while walking down the street to lunch after the tour, we heard the most lovely strains of music. Christmas carolers! It was a youth group singing in perfect pitch and lovely melody. They knew their parts well.

The funny thing is that they were singing "The Holly and the Ivy" in front of the very Christmas store where I bought an ornament for my Secret Sister Holly from Indiana. I had popped down, on yet another trip, the week after Thanksgiving...but I was too cold that day to stand at the bottom of the hill to be intrigued by any mansion. My time was only spent inside that nice and cozy Christmas shop! However I had left a hint at our group's page that I had been humming a song that reminded me of my Secret Sister while shopping for her ornament. There were lots of great guesses to that one but...

...the answer was that I had been humming "The Holly and the Ivy"...just like the choir was now singing in front of the very same store. Except they sounded much better than me! As cold as it was, I was determined to stand there to take a video with my phone to share. Alas, I cannot find the video anywhere.


Oh, then, lunch. We thought we'd try lunch at the Bar J Chili Parlor. We sat down in the corner. Not long after that Robin decided to leave the Bat Cave. He sat down at the booth next to me. He was soon followed by the Penguin. And that was our day at the Historic Occoquan!

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