Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Peak at Christmas in our Home...and a Peak at an 18th Century Gown

It took me 3 weeks to decorate the house! It's never an easy task for me to figure out where to put things. This year I whittled down the decor and donated some extras to the Salvation Army. And I think I finally found a home for everything we like the most! Although I did not get everything done on my to do list, I think I did conquer where to put everything. Then I took pictures for next year's reference. This has been my year to focus on organization. With that one goal in mind, I think next year will be far more streamlined. Here's hoping anyway!

One of my nativity sets...


Also my family has developed an affection for multiple Christmas trees. A few years ago we were visiting our next door neighbor (you know him as the Patriot Honor Ride bicycle guy). His wife loves Christmas trees so she has one in nearly every room. All I could think of was, "Wow. That's a lot of work." lol My family gave me "the look." All they could think of was, "So, when is Mom/Laurie going to join the club?" lol Thus, my daughter and I unpacked the old artificial tree from Texas to put in our basement. It is decorated with candy colored lights, reminiscent of the San Antonio Riverwalk, and the misc ornaments.


Lanterns from Colonial Williamsburg with new decorations for the season. The greenery had been sitting in boxes for years, waiting for a home. The bows I made from new ribbon I had recently found.


Our real tree that my son chopped down.



I love this village that we collected back when my daughter was a baby.  It's simply from Walmart.



The train was a gift to my son, when he was a toddler, from my dad. I grew up with a train around our under-the-Christmas-tree-village. So this feels like home.


I bought this tiny ornament nativity set for a gingerbread nativity stable I had made with my kids when they were toddlers. I think they look quite cute on the chess/checkers table.



The French horn was purchased for a Medieval Feast history presentation we did years ago. This year I finally put a bow on it! 


Wish I could figure out how to effectively do lights in the garland on the stairwell in such a way that we don't trip over the wires. The garland used to be in the loft in our Texas house.



After all the kitchen reorganization I moved all the birdhouses to the main floor powder room...


I love these Boyd looking bears with my other bird house, which is also decorated...

IMG_2697 is tree #4 in the room where we mainly hang out! I got this on super duper sale to fit the space and to need little decorating! It comes partly flocked with red berries and pine cones and lights. As I  unpacked the box my son came in and took everything over, to my delight! Done! I did put all my Convention of States pins to the tree. Then I made a bow to put at the top! 



Two of my three snow globes. This one is a music box. I wanted as many nativity sets as possible, to showcase the Reason for the Season.



The window and birds from Colonial Williamsburg...


...the Governor's Palace gate and bird from Colonial Williamsburg!


The pointsettias I purchase as soon as possible after Thanksgiving so we can enjoy them as long as possible!


I have a thing for bows, berry rings and candles. These candlestick holders were free many years ago.


Another nativity set. I love grapevine! I'm still playing around with how to display these: on greenery (real or fake) v lace.


Changeable taffeta bow!


More berry rings!


Love these wise men...


My 18th century gown, still a work-in-progress. Love this lantern which looks very 18th century, with another newly made bow and some greenery from the box. Sometimes that bowl has candy in it.  My son bought some dark chocolate cherry cordials, which tasted very complicated yet decadently19th century. They didn't last long in that bowl.


The boxes (far left) in front of the piano were quite cheap and make great storage.


I have a thing for  kissing balls, as well.


I saw several in the store this year that I had to walk away from. So I succeeded in no new purchases of kissing balls this year.


Of course this one came from Texas!


In order to have more family time, I try to do a simpler dinner than in past years. Hence our English Christmas dinner...Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding!


My son took the family picture...


It was so nice to have a day together! We had a great time!

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