Thursday, March 27, 2014

Late 1930's White Blouse and Creamy Yellow Jumper

My latest historical persona was to be a lady from the late 1930's, so I decided to use Wearing History's late 1930's jumper and blouse pattern! In a most frugal fashion, reflecting the  Great Depression, I used white fabric found in my fabric stash leftover from a previous project (specifically my 1860's sheer white gown).  Even more frugal was my choice of jumper fabric.  I cut out the required pieces from my yellow Edwardian skirt, which was too short for me.

I loved the sheerness and pattern of the white fabric.

For the jumper I made my first ever bound buttonholes.  For guidance I used Wearing Histoy's own tutorial! Lauren makes gorgeous bound buttonholes.    

I worked oh so hard to be utterly precise...


However the final product wasn't anything to brag about.  Perhaps I'll do a better job next time?

In fact, I fiddled and puzzled quite a bit over the jumper, primarily because the fabric is a synthetic. My comfort zone is natural fiber...therefore the white blouse came out exactly as I had envisioned it! It was a dream to sew! Being cotton it was difficult to turn the tube for the ties, and I flipped them backwards or something. So I undid the machine stitching and whip stitched them by hand.  I tend to do better with hand sewing than machine sewing. Nevertheless, most of the blouse and jumper are machine sewn.


For our 1930's history presentation I portrayed Winston Churchill's daughter, which was a lot of fun! I enjoyed using one of Churchill's books as a prop while posing for these photos!










Also while watching Wizard of Oz, I noted that Dorothy's dress is very much like this pattern, so I decided to enter this into the HSF fairytale challenge.

Now for the HSF details:

HSF 2014

The Challenge: #6 Fairytale

Fabric: cotton and polyester

Pattern: Wearing History


Notions: thread, buttons

How historically accurate is it? quite

Hours to complete: lots

First worn: history presentation

Total cost: $30

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