Saturday, January 5, 2013

18th Century Pieced Pockets for my Daughter

When we were at Colonial Williamsburg a couple of weeks ago, we clearly found out that she needed some new pockets. Earlier this week I whipped some up. I pieced together some leftover pieces of fabric from an 18th century gown I had made for myself. She chose her favorite color for the accent, purple!


Now for the HSF details!
HSF  2013

The Challenge: Starting Simple

Fabric: 100% cotton, including a reproduction fabric from Colonial Williamsburg

Pattern: Self-drafted

Year:18th century

Notions: gros grain ribbon

How historically accurate is it? Highly accurate! Piecing, especially, was commonly found in the 18th century

Hours to complete: about 5 hours

First worn: Next trip to Colonial Williamsburg!

Total cost: Free-stash project

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