Monday, December 31, 2018

New Years Eve Game Night

My kids and I have a New Years Eve tradition. We play board games. Winner puts their name in the box lid next to the year. It's a fun record to look at each year when we pull the games out, again.

This year my daughter invited her boyfriend to join us. So we were 4.

And we snacked on finger food. Again, this tradition began with my family while I was growing up. Finger food for Christmas Eve was such a hit that we carried that menu over into New Years Eve, too. I provided the desserts (plenty left from Christmas) and my kids provided an assortment of savories and the soda.

Back to game night. The other rule is that the winner chooses the next game. My son usually wins every. single. game. We always let my daughter choose first.

She chose Scrabble. I won!

Then I chose Blokus. Surprise. I won!

It was getting late. This time I chose Hail to the Chief. You can now call me Madame President. My son is Vice-President.


Meanwhile we had our phones ready to celebrate the New Year. The kids had their phones set to the New York City ball drop, while my phone played the Hallmark movie Midnight Kiss, where the lovers kiss under the fireworks, at midnight, on New Years Eve, which is the closing scene in the movie. I thought the Hallmark movie was more exciting than the New York City ball drop.

Then my kids set their phones to the celebration in San Antonio, Texas. (our former home) In San Antonio, the numbers of the year is displayed at the top of the Tower of Americas. For the countdown, the new numeral rides up the elevator, joins the new numeral for the year, right when an incredible fireworks show explodes.

The kids were exclaiming that San Antonio's was not only better than New York's, but also the fireworks rivaled that of Washington, D.C. My son said that someone probably counted the number of fireworks in our nation's capitol, then added one more.

My take on this was that New York is pessimistic  about the New Year whereas San Antonio is optimistic.  😉

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