Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Independence Day Fireworks at The Plains

Independence Day was different for us this year. When my kids went to work, I went to a BBQ to help represent Convention of States Project.

COS pin

It was a very hot day. Sunny skies. Really hot. Lots of great food! Really hot. Lots of great conversation. Really hot.

Early that evening I caught up with my kids. We grabbed a picnic lunch then drove to The Plains. As the sun set we enjoyed our picnic. Then the kids strolled the grounds while I read a book. When evening finally descended, a pretty good fireworks show ensued. I knew the show was better than my photography, so after a couple of snapshots, I simply sat back to enjoy the celebration of our country's independence.



As we arrived home we viewed another incredible fireworks show ahead of us in the sky! We finished watching it from the parking lot of a grocery store where the kids decided to pick up dessert.

When we got home, we enjoyed some mint Klondike Bars on the back deck, while we enjoyed the lovely evening and more fireworks from the surrounding area!

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