Sunday, July 29, 2018

Harpers Ferry, a Camera, and a Backpack

Late Saturday night my son tapped, tapped, tapped at my door to ask me if I'd like to go on a hike at Harpers Ferry's Maryland Heights the next day. Absolutely!

How I forget the grueling hike to the top. For all the daily hour long walks I've done, and daily resistance bands and light's still pure agony for me.

Anyway I carried a few water bottles (and drank plenty) in my new backpack that I had just finished sewing. This was my first time to use it. (Sewing details in a future post.)

Backpack at Harpers Ferry

My son let me borrow his fancy camera that he purchased a few years ago dirt cheap on Amazon. My cameras never zoom in all that well. I kept the settings on automatic, which took much better pictures than my camera usually does.

Harpers Ferry 4
Overlooking Harpers Ferry, West Virginia from the Maryland side of the Potomac River. Shenandoah River as it empties into the Potomac. Virginia mountain in the background.

Harpers Ferry 3
The Shenandoah River, Virginia on the left bank, West Virginia on the right bank.

Harpers Ferry 7 (2)
Close-up of the Shenandoah, with Virginia in the background.
Note the rockiness of the shallow river...

Harpers Ferry 2
Quiet homes near Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry 6
A quiet home near Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry 1
Looking North-Potomac River

Harpers Ferry 5
Looking North-Potomac River, West Virginia on the left bank. Maryland on the right bank.

Again, note the rockiness of the shallow river. This is why George Washington envisioned a canal...which was eventually built.
Harpers Ferry 8
Hiking back down...water trickling over a log in Maryland.

Harpers Ferry 9
A stream that runs through Maryland...

Harpers Ferry 10
Pools of water from the stream...

Harpers Ferry 11
Train trestle in Harpers Ferry historic area.

We always seem to rush our days here, but there are also the canals!

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