Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Pre-Independence Day Celebration

This year my kids were invited to a pre-Independence Day celebration, and they took me along!

Grilling was still in the works so we were sent to the recreation area. My kids chose the bean toss, which happened to be a great spatial reasoning exercise for my daughter. While the three of us were playing, two other friends joined us. After another round, I stepped away to snap a photo shoot.


Behind us dinner was grilling away! Yum!



After dinner recreation...


Then...the fireworks! These were quite a bit different from any I had ever experienced. My son told me that these were the types allowed by private citizens in our county. They are low to the ground, set off from a table top. They guys ran some really great rounds, working efficiently to keep a constant flow of activity. Very interesting to watch.




Well, that was great fun! What's up for the 4th?

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