Sunday, August 5, 2018

Lovers' Overlook...aka Bears Den

This afternoon the kids and I hiked to Bears Den in far northern and western Northern Virginia. We went after church. My son promised me that I could wear my pretty dress and shoes on the hike, it was so easy.

He had been here with his dorm mates when he attended Patrick Henry College. However, dubious me changed into a blouse, shorts, and sneakers after church and lunch. So did my daughter. Smart girl! Good thing, because it had been a while since his last visit. He accidentally took us to a different path, which was longer and steeper. Also we took a detour down, down, down to the creek when he said we instead needed to go up, up, up to see the view.

Although it was a much easier hike than we took the week before in Harper's Ferry (more on that later) it was such that I was glad I was not wearing my pretty dress and shoes for this hike. Instead I wore my new much more comfortable than several pairs I've had before. I've learned the squishy ones are great. These are actually running shoes but I'm a walker instead of a runner. I haven't been running since my head surgery. Also here is my newly sewn backpack. I had the fabric in the stash, as well as a pattern for backpacks. I'll share more about it later.

Backpack at Bear's Den Overlook

But what you really want to see is the view of Bears Den Overlook...

Bear's Den Overlook 1

Panning the camera around to that gorgeous view...

Bear's Den Overlook 2

Stunning view from 1350'.

Bear's Den Overlook 3

That is Route 7 down below.

Bear's Den Overlook 4

It was difficult getting these pictures without people. Small groups came and went so I finally got a few scenic shots.

Bear's Den Overlook 5

We had considered staying to view the sunset, but that wasn't possible for us on that day.

Bear's Den Overlook 6

In all that lovely quietness, my son pulled out his violin.

Bear's Den Overlook 7

He is self-taught.

Bear's Den Overlook 8

He lightly played a few tunes he is learning. Someone else who plays for the orchestra greatly admired his violin, sitting and listening. He finally asked if he could hold it (it's really a cheap violin). We asked him to play but he said he didn't have any tunes memorized, but he certainly played some scales well.

Bear's Den Overlook 9

So soothing to the soul...

Bear's Den Overlook 10

It was interesting that of the people who came here, many were couples of various ages. From young to much older to in-between...lovers were smooching here and there. Cozy-ing up to each other. One couple brought a hammock to tie up to the trees and share. Talking sweet nothings to each other. I think they misnamed this place. Should be Lovers' Overlook.

Bear's Den Overlook 11

On the return hike, we were surprised to see this cool geological formation.

Bear's Den Overlook 12

We didn't notice it earlier, because that is higher ground. From the other side it looks like all the regular surroundings.

Bear's Den Overlook 13

Bear's Den Overlook 14

Bear's Den Overlook 15

Afterwards we found the other entrance...which my son assures me is much easier. Must be because one of the couples was more nicely dressed. We'll try that path next time with a picnic lunch! Or dinner to view the sunset!

Turns out that the path we used belongs to Bears Den cabin resort area!

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