Thursday, May 11, 2017

#Factory Reset for Government-Constitutional Literacy DVDs from Michael Farris

So, last winter I finally bought these Constitutional Literacy DVDs from Michael Farris. How I wish I had invested in them a few years earlier when I was still homeschooling. I've been following Michael Farris for 20 years, so I'm not sure how this dropped off my radar. But last winter I attended (via my computer) a Constitutional Literacy seminar that he and one of his former students, Jenna Ellis, gave in Colorado. Wow! THAT spurred me on to purchase these. Then I got busy and attended one of the Farris/Ellis seminars in person last October! Wow! That spurred me to buy her book...which I've since read (but still need to blog about). Finally I put my busy life on the pause button to start viewing these DVDs. I was immediately struck with the timeliness of this message. I think I could encapsulate the entire message in the following hashtag: #factoryresetforgovernment


After watching the first DVD in the series, I was enlightened as to the following:
  • a clarification as to exactly who has rights (the people, not the government)
  • the current misinterpretation of the commerce clause and the general welfare clause...which has driven our national debt to nearly $20 trillion with massive federal government over reach that really does not belong in our backyards.  
  • the quality of logic and reasoning, based on deep research as to the original intent of our Founders and Framers
  • Thus, this DVD series is all about becoming Enlightened Citizens!


I recently purchased this companion workbook. I followed along in this book while watching the DVD. It is wonderful!!! It is full of great illustrations, quotes, details, and short questions and projects for the student.

This video series is perfect for homeschool students in obtaining their government credit. It's great for the entire family to follow along. It's great for anyone who wants to become an enlightened citizen, even if they are not a homeschooler. Even if they are in their 20's, or 30's, or 40's, or 50's, or 60's, or 70's, or 80's, or 90's or over 100! This is meat...yet it's understandable. This is deep...yet it's accessible for all of us.

Michael Farris says we are at a crossroads. This DVD series helps us understand how our Founders and Framers intended our government to work. It also explains how we can, well in today's jargon, restore the factory settings for government. 
You can see a sample here...

HSLDA (which Michael Farris founded) sells the DVDs. You don't have to be a homeschooler to purchase this. The link to purchase the DVD is here. The link to purchase the workbook is here. The link to purchase both is here.  The link to purchase teacher and student study guides is here.


Oh, and I hear the ending has "a solution as big as the problem!" That's the factory reset I keep mentioning. Why? Because Michael Farris was taught by his dad that there is no point in complaining about something. if we don't have an action plan to do something about it!

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