Saturday, May 20, 2017

Commencement March, Fife and Drum Corps and Colonial Williamsburg

My daughter graduated from GMU!


George Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights, helped write the Constitution, insisted upon the Bill of Rights being written...and reminded his fellow delegates of the importance of providing We the People with a Convention of States when federal over reach becomes tyrannical. His colleagues immediately agreed. This provision is part of Article V of the Constitution.



My daughter had 2 ceremonies. She walked on Thursday. On Saturday she marched to commencement behind the GMU Fife and Drum Corps. This was the only reason why she wanted to attend commencement. We love the Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps and the Old Guard. The Old Guard, which does have some members who had once been part of the CW F&D, helps to train the GMU F&D. I ran ahead of the corps to be in a great position for video taping, just like I've done many times at CW. When I got in place the fifer on the far right of the below photo waved to me. What a surprise! She's one of the Drum Major from Colonial Williamsburg who came to help out! 


Here's the video of the march. The Fife and Drum Corps was excellent! Ah...I love that sound! It was funny in that  later that afternoon I got a text message from a good friend of mine at CW who said she missed me not being at Drummer's Call which was the very same day. I miss DC as well...but these graduations are keeping us busy for a while. I'm glad the DC came to us!

There's my daughter!



Now she starts grad school. Actually she already has 4 classes under her belt that she took with under grad classes this year. It's how she gets her Early Childhood degree.

I'll probably add more photos and videos later. (I got a video of the Fife and Drum Corps entering the stadium.) Perhaps even next month because the kids and I are off to Texas!