Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pink Moon...and Phlox

Because today was so busy I didn't get my daily walk in until after the sun set. That made me sad because I like to see all the spring flowers making their appearance. Nevertheless, a "good stretch of the legs" is always a good thing. My family joined me but we took my personal route, which is rare. I'm glad we did, or we would have missed a big surprise! When we turned around a corner we saw not only our house but the Pink Moon rising quite near it. It was huge and bright and...pink!

We ran into the house to grab my camera. I had few hopes of great pictures, but nothing ventured nothing gained. We walked back up to the street corner and I used my daughter's head to set my camera upon to steady it in the dark.

So...which one of these is not a lamp?


Peaking between our house and the neighbor's...


Zooming in...


We walked a bit further down the street to take these shots. Here it is rising over a house in the distance...


Ooops...but pretty neat double take!


Hmmm, wonder if I can zoom in?


Wow! Wonder if I can zoom in more?


Wow! My Canon Power Shot did this!


Although the pictures aren't grand, I can't complain, especially since my camera is merely a point and shoot!

The sky around the moon actually did look pink. That didn't show up in the pictures. Actually, the moon should not look pink. The Pink Moon got its name from the from the Native Americans who recorded time by seasons and the moon. They gave each moon a name. The Pink Moon appears each April. Instead of referring to the color of the moon, it "heralds the appearance of moss pink, or ground phlox-one of the first spring flowers. It is also known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon." (The Old Farmer's Almanac) Well grass is certainly greening up here in Northern Virginia. Of all the names, I definitely like Pink Moon the best. The colonists picked up on these names from the Native Americans.

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