Thursday, April 13, 2017

Shabby Chic Baskets for Laundry Room Organization


I've been busy this month with more spring cleaning and organizing. It's been a slow process since I often get interrupted to drive my kids here to there. At least I have finally finished my laundry room closet. I miss my laundry room in Texas. It wasn't ideal, but neither is this. Of all the houses we looked at in Virginia, only one had a great laundry room. It was perfect! It was even ideally placed, between the kitchen and garage, exactly where it was in my Texas house. It even had a sink and countertops. Now that's ideal! Well, I am glad for this.

Laundry storage, as usual, was a challenge. While cleaning out this closet, I recalled a friend asking how I organized laundry. In each home I've had, I've had unique hamper scenarios. They are key. I have a hamper, now a basket, for each sorting of laundry. One for darks, one for lights, one for whites and one for linens.

The baskets on top of the washer and dryer (which I love did my cat when we first got them) I've had since Texas days. Love, love, love them. Bye, bye hampers. Recently I found the wire basket on the floor to the right of the closet. That holds the linens.

With all the laundry presorted, conquering is faster and easier.

Someday when we do more upgrades, I'd like ceramic tile to replace the vinyl on the floor of the closet. I'd love to have those new type of barn sliding doors to replace the ones here, however I don't think it will work with the particular placement of this closet in the basement. Oh well for that design idea. I'd also like to  have upper cupboards. When I lived on base in Wichita Falls years ago, one of  our upgraded houses had brand new upper cupboards in the laundry room and I loved it. Of course then I'd have to get rid of the bottom storage drawers. So be it. Whenever these machines need to be replaced, I don't plan to get the drawers. The drawers are always specific to any new model. There is so much wasted space overhead that I could make great use of.

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