Monday, August 15, 2016

Prince William County Fair, Homemade Ice Cream Machine, Tatting Lesson and Convention of States

We used to go to the Comal County Fair all the time in Texas. We've visited a few others too but Comal is always our favorite. In Texas, we hold our fairs in the autumn, when the worst of the summer heat is passed.

However Virginia is crazy!!! They hold their fairs in the summer, which can be just as hot and humid as the summers in Texas. So I tend to avoid the fairs in Virginia. However it took being a Convention of States volunteer to get me to my first fair in Virginia, the Prince William County Fair. Read all about that here...


It was a super hot day...of course! (I have to repeat this...because no one was listening to me that day!) Who ever thought of having a fair in August, the hottest month of the year? Everyone kept remarking on how hot it was and I kept replying by saying in Texas we have our fairs in Sept and Oct, when it's much cooler.

It was the one of the hottest days known to the Prince William County Fair organizers. We were dying! The next day the fair opened several hours late because crowds were so low in the heat of the day.
Anyway, at the end of a 5 hour shift, I was ready for dinner! We found something to eat in the blazing heat outdoors. Although I was hungry, I didn't find the greasy fair food appealing, especially in the heat. But then we discovered the ice cream. It's wasn't Blue Bell, but it was pretty good. Peach flavored and homemade. And it was cold. It was made on-site with this fun clickety-clack machine:

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