Sunday, June 19, 2016

Michie Tavern and Monticello's the British Invasion for Father's Day

In between events at the British Invasion of 1781 at Monticello, we popped down to Michie Tavern to celebrate Father's Day. At least this was my husband's idea of celebrating the day. It was a long line but didn't last too long for us to enter the buffet. Meanwhile we chatted with a lovely couple from over the mountain. We had a nice opportunity to chat all things historical and scenic in Virginia.


I almost always opt to eat outdoors, and this is one of the best venues for that in all of Virginia.


The tavern actually was not located at the bottom of Monticello in Jefferson's time. It was relocated here from another location as part of a restoration project in the early 20th century.


Tours  are available and in fact, I blogged about that here.


Then we returned to Monticello to enjoy the gardens for the afternoon, because the reenactment was over. Instead we had a surprise visit with someone! Stay tuned!

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