Friday, February 3, 2017

An Autographed Book from Chef Robert Irvine


Some of my readers might remember my blog post about eating at Chef Robert Irvine's Fresh Kitchen at the Pentagon last October. It was one of our favorite eating experiences since moving to Virginia! Well...last month my husband got to actually meet Chef Irvine!

Curt and Robert Irvine

Then my husband returned to his office to e-mail the above photo. Yes. I had known this would happen, because I follow Robert Irvine on facebook and he had made announcements late the night before and early that morning that the Grand Opening of Fresh Kitchen at the Pentagon had arrived! I knew my husband would be there as soon as he found out. Of course I teased my husband, "Did you tell him that I blogged about eating there?"


That night my husband came home with Robert Irvine's newest cookbook, Fit Fuel, that was autographed especially for me! What a surprise!


And...this book has the recipe for my favorite dish from his restaurant, Sesame Shrimp Chopped Salad! There are many other recipes in this book, all quite healthy. I trust they are equally as delicious as the Sesame Shrimp Chop Salad I had at the Pentagon last October!

My husband enjoyed lots of appetizers that were offered at the grand opening. He told me how delicious they all were. As he described them he couldn't remember the name of one of them. It was a new name to him, made with chick peas. I suggested that it might have been a falafel that he had eaten. In surprise he exclaimed, "Yes, that's it!"

My husband told me that I have to share the book, because the first half is about physical fitness. In this part Irvine has lots of tips not only on working out, but also on the mental aspect of fitness. That is followed by lots of illustrations of Irvine detailing the use of weights.

The second part of the book includes all the delicious recipes with gorgeous photos, preceded by lots of practical tips about healthy eating, a description of food labels, his recommended healthy eating shopping list, his favorite ingredients, and details on how much we really need to eat.

This book looks to be both highly practical and delicious! I highly recommend it!

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