Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year's Eve Game Night

Our traditional New Year's Eve Game Night had to be postponed until my kids came home from work. We have a tradition to play up to midnight. The winner gets to write his/her name next to the year in the box lid every New Year's Eve. Then the winner picks the next game.

Finally they came home for a somewhat limited game night which began with snacks of my family's favorites. My husband's favorite is cheese. The other day my kids and I drove to Culpepper to see if my quilt from the contest was ready for pick  up, but they wanted to keep it hanging on display. While in town I took my kids to the store that sells Magnolia (think Chip and Joanna Gaines from Waco, Texas) and then to the Culpepper Cheese Company where my husband and I had had lunch last summer. While there the kids and I had samples and chose 3 cheeses to bring home for New Year's Eve.


On the left is Smoked Gouda. In the middle is Cemdre Mom Sire Vers Morbier. The purple is wood ash, which sounds horrid but my son really wanted this. There were no samples but I went ahead and bought it. It was good! On the right is Monomacy Chipotle Aged Soft Goat Cheese. The kids enjoyed picking these out! They were all good, much better than grocery store cheese.


Cocktail shrimp, which is my favorite. I'd be good with just this and a salad.


Buttery snowflake shaped crackers, paired with the cheese.


Triple chocolate brownies...




Dark chocolate fudge with macademia nuts.


Magic Cookie Bars. I used chocolate graham cracker crumbs for the crust.


The last of the scrumptious fruitcake!


Our first game was one I had purchased for my daughter to work on her vision therapy. Operation. It's as aggravating now as it was when I was a kid. Because of that I had avoided buying it when my kids were little. However I had never considered the benefits of it for spatial reasoning, eye tracking, etc. I used to excel at this game but it was not easy getting back into it. My son won, so he wrote his name in the box lid. 


My son knew I wanted to play Scrabble, so he got that game out next. This was the best we came up with. I alter the beginning rules a bit because more important than winning (to me) is making the best puzzle possible. Therefore the person who can put down the biggest word gets to play first. The idea is that it will give us more to play off of. Also I encourage the family to play to the left of the board whenever possible. Well...that didn't quite happen in the top left corner this time! My husband started the game with "patios." My daughter went out first. My son won. I came in second. So...he got to write his name in the lid. At this point we told him that there was a new  rule, winners pick up all the pieces and put everything away! lol


My daughter wanted to play Twister, so my son conceded to that. There was no way my husband was going to play that so he worked the spinner and I played with the kids. My husband was cracking up and said we were better than tv (We had the Hallmark Channel on.) I sat out the rest of the games but now my husband jumped in. They played several rounds with me at the spinner. I died laughing when the spins brought...right foot in the air. followed by...left foot in the air. My son said the rules are that "in the air" is not permanent. Only for that spin. So they could now put down the right foot and put the left foot in the air. Oh, shucks. That would have been fun to see! My son won every round.


Then we played one round of Rummikub. (I forgot to take a photo of that.) My son won. It was New Year's Eve. I went to bed.

After church the next day the kids and I decided to play more games to make up for lost time (since my kids come home from work late.) My son asked, "The winner still gets to put his/her name in the lid?" I agreed. We played more Rummikub at  my daughter's request. My son won.

Then we played Monopoly. My husband went out first so he left for his computer in his office. My daughter and  I barely hung on, mainly because my son, unlike Mr. Potter of It's a Wonderful Life, cut us some very nice deals that allowed us to stay in the game longer. But eventually fate took its eventual course...and my son won.

I remember years ago when I used to win most of the games. We rarely ever beat my son these last few years. It's okay. I pretty much know that is going to happen. Winning is fun, but family time is more important!

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