Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January Ice Skating at the National Gallery of Art Gardens

January has finally been the month to do a few family things before my kids returned to college. First on our list was ice skating...on Jan 8 after church. Alas it was nearly 0 degrees with windchill and this Texas gal wasn't about to do that! I'd like to stay healthy, thank you very much. I'm simply not acclimated to the cold. Instead we  made our first trip to see the gorgeous architecture of Washington National Cathedral! Stay tuned for those incredible photos!

Last Sunday we had no plans after church except to come home and relax. However my son kept mentioning that it was a nice day out. And it was. Even though I had worn a skirt and sweater set to church. Hmmm....skating in a skirt? Why not? I thought I could manage this. It would seem 1950's-ish. (My costuming friends understand.)

We walked through incredible venues (more on that in the next two days) to arrive at the National Gallery of Art Ice Skating Rink. We love this place. It's big. It's clean. It has great surroundings. It's the cheapest of any other place we've seen. It's across the street from one of my other favorite places, the  National Archives, across the street.


I've only skated once before. I'm from Louisiana, Hawaii and Texas. I've had major head surgery the year I graduated from college. My balance nerve had to be cut. I had to learn to walk again. Can you imagine me skating? Thankfully the guys in my life always offer to help me out. With many thanks to them, I didn't fall once!


Since I didn't know we were going anywhere,  my camera was left at home. Hopefully my cell phone would decently capture the day.





The fun is when the sun sets...

the lights come on...
...we skate to the sounds of Frank Sinatra and the like.



At last it was time to go. Wet rented skates, cold air while returning to the car, a l-o-n-g drive home have all resulted in a head cold for me. Low energy and busy days are causing me to mutiny on too much talking or anything else while I recuperate. Meanwhile I might catch up on blogging. Lots of stuff has been happening, with more events to come. Stay tuned!

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