Friday, January 20, 2017

Inaugural Preparations and Historical Moments

A few days ago we parked at Union Station en route to the National Gallery of Art Ice Skating Rink. To our delight we found patriotism galore outside Union Station...

Union Station

Even inside the main foyer there was quite a lot of preparation going on. It turned out to be for President Trump's candlelight dinner last night. (lots of gowns to enjoy at the link)

Union Station

As we crossed the street towards the US Capitol we passed by all these flags. When I saw the state flag of Texas, I couldn't help but start singing the Texas anthem, "Texas, our Texas." My family and I were surprised that I remembered all the words!

Can you find the Texas flag?

Then we arrived at the US Capitol bedecked in patriotic inaugural splendor!

US Capitol

As we walked through town we saw more preparations for the traditional PEACEful transfer of power that took place earlier today.  America is unique in that history and is what our Republic is all about.

US Capitol

For more inaugural moments check out the time when my family and I:

... met and talked with the presidents of Mount Rushmore (at the Smithsonian, including the Colonial Williamsburg Thomas Jefferson).

...explored the history of our presidents at the Smithsonian.

...swooned over the First Ladies' Inaugural Gowns and Dresses at the Smithsonian.

Speaking of gowns and dresses, the new First Lady turned many heads today with a striking powder blue ensemble that made us all remember Jackie Kennedy. No wonder, because Ralph Lauren designed it to hearken Mrs. Kennedy Oleg Cassini that she wore to their husband's inaugural ceremony. Even the Trump daughters were stylishly dressed, all of which is beautifully photographed and described here.

And more fashion here...

I confess I had mistakenly said that Lauren designed by both, because that is what I initially read. But now all the reports are saying that Cassini designed for Jackie. I'm sorry for the confusion.

And a link for all the gowns which were stunning...

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