Friday, January 6, 2017

Fashion Show 2016

My sewing friends probably thing I gave up on sewing. No, not really. I actually accomplished a few projects. Although they were few, several were needed, a couple were gifts, one became my favorite to wear and a couple were rather massive in ambition. Since these posts bring in an amazing amount of visits (despite my humble learning how to sew skills) I thought I'd go ahead and share. I'm actually surprised at how many items I actually sewed. One project (or more) that I attempted ended up in the trash. Following are the survivors!

I sewed my first pair of blue jeans! First I did my obligatory historical research  then I shared the actual sewing of my version of blue jeans. Finally...a pair that fits! Now my daughter wants some!


A peasant blouse for my daughter...


Orange and pink floral blouse for my daughter...


I also participated in MeMadeMay with all the photo shoots here. I hope to participate more fully this year.

My favorite project was refashioning a boring plain skirt to ruffled flair! I have worn this a lot! In fact, there's lots of pictures of me wearing it on this blog. I've gotten lots of compliments on it too!


I won a contest for a quilt that I sewed in 6 days! That is a record and I honestly have no idea how that happened.

35-Finis 8-26-16

A red and black blouse for my daughter's Spanish skirt...


A zipper case for my Secret Sister in Indiana...


A zipper case for my daughter...


I have several piles of sewing waiting to be accomplished this year. Stay tuned!

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