Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Convention of States Blows Away my Top Hit List of 2016

'Tis the season to reflect on the past year. Never before have I shared my top posts. Because the numbers pretty much all ran together, there was nothing spectacular to report...until now! 2016 was a definitive year. Of my all time top ten posts, seven are from 2016. Most astounding are the numbers of four specific posts.

Thus I present a few representative samples from my blog's "all time hits" statistics page:

At the number eight spot is Convention of States, Keeping our Republic, and Remembering our History (lots of COS and 18th century history here). Initially posted on November 25, 2016, it now has a total of 360 hits!

COS pin

At the number four spot is The Constitution as an Action Verb, which I wrote in response to my being on the Eric Metaxas book launch team for If You Can Keep It. Initially posted on June 4, 12016, it now has a total of 670 hits!

If You Can Keep It by Eric Metaxas

At the number two spot is A Pre-lude to Understanding Self-Government, which I also wrote in response to my being on the Eric Metaxas book launch team for If You Can Keep It. I was especially geeked out that Eric Metaxas actually shared this post (and a few others I wrote) on his facebook page. Initially posted on June 9, 2016, it now has a total of 1621 hits!

If You Can Keep It by Eric Metaxas

And the number one spot goes to...drum roll, please! Christmas, Senators, and Convention of States, which I wrote to discuss the differences between senators at the federal level v the state level, after joining other COS volunteers to meet a local senator! Originally posted on December 21, 2016, it went from a mere 180 hits on Fri night of December 30 to 5000 in the  next twenty-four hours!!! At this moment it has a total of 5373 hits!


One of the amazing things to me is the common theme of each of these posts: self-government. Obviously self-government is on the minds of many. It's definitely been on my mind for years. It's been a passion for me, so much so, that I made it the core of my homeschool curriculum. I understood the charge that Founding Fathers gave us, so I knew I was responsible to make it a priority in my teaching the future generation. I did my best when I taught public school, but when I started homeschooling, there were no limitations in my path, so I pulled out all the stops!  Even though I had so much to learn (I still do), I jumped in with what I did understand and found a connection, application or action point for most of our lessons. My kids were infused with the idea. All along the way I kept researching and studying (I still am) and I shared what I learned along the way. I think it worked, because my kids have picked up the passion. So has my husband. In fact, he has told me more than once that he has gushed (I am not exaggerating) that I have been volunteering with Convention of States. 

Some of the best parts of 2016 for me has been the opportunities to be part of the If We Can Keep It book launch team, which was closely followed by lots of volunteer work with Convention of States. I've talked to people at events, I've talked to people on the phone, I've talked to people outside of my polling station on election day, and I've written a letter to the editor. I've become part of the social media warrior team...though I'm still working on initiating on my own. So like I said, I still have more to learn! All along the way I have met hundreds of people, face-to-face, who are as impassioned as I am that we keep our republic.

America is the first country to establish self-government, but can we keep it? This theme of the Eric Metaxas book, If We Can Keep It,  is worked out through the Convention of States. That is how the Founding Fathers envisioned that the future would keep the republic...by working with Article V of the Constitution to rein in a powerful federal government and restore power to the states.

From the comfort of your home you can easily become part of the keeping (which is the "action verb" I referenced in the number four spot) by learning more at www.conventionofstates.com and signing the petition, which will kick an e-mail to your state legislator. They need to hear from us! However you can become even more actively involved by clicking on the volunteer option (which pops-up after signing the petition)! Looking forward to seeing you join our team!

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