Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Republic if We can Keep it-Convention of States Rally in Virginia

"A republic if we can keep it" is the very reason why last Thursday I drove down to my state capitol in Richmond, Virginia...


We met at the bell tower of 1824, historically a meeting place for important events such as ours...a rally of the growing grassroots movement of Convention of States volunteers to save the republic. As the bell tower calls the Virginia General Assembly into session each year, so has our movement met here to call the Virginia General Assembly to enter Virginia into the roll call of Convention of States.


First to speak was our Virginia legal Liaison and National Legislative Director Rita Dunaway, with our Virginia State Director, Chris Walker.


Also speaking was one of the Virginia legislators who definitely supports a Convention of States, Delegate Ware. He championed the house bill last year. Alas it died in the Senate. So here we are again...


Also speaking was Mark Meckler, attorney, founder of the Citizens for Self-Governance, and co-founder of Convention of States.


Here are some links that Mark Meckler posted to facebook. This link is to the pre-rally speech that Mark Meckler made.

Here is the link to the Richmond Rally with all the speakers. Mark's speech is perfect for any student of Civics (I'd have given my homeschool students government credit for watching this. In fact I'd have brought them with me. Alas they are in college now...) His speech is, in fact, perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about how our Founders wrote our Constitution. It's everything that wasn't taught in public school or college.

There are so many nuggets to be learned, that I took 4 pages of notes from his speech that will be invaluable to me not only as a COS volunteer, not only as a citizen of our country, but also as an educator. Please do listen at the link, at the 15 minute mark. Meckler's speech is about 15 minutes long and incredible!

Lest I haven't yet enticed you, let me share a few nuggets with you from his speech. (All of the following, within the stars, is from his excellent speech which I'm merely sharing to lure you into the video, linked above.)


Mark Meckler reminded us of our local hero George Mason. I confess I never heard of George Mason until I moved to Virginia. I now live 30 miles from his house and 22 miles from the university that bears his name. After the delegates wrote Article V of the Constitution, which provides for amendments as written by Congress, Mason announced that there was a flaw. "Are we so naive as to believe that if the federal government becomes tyrannical it will propose amendments to restrain its own tyranny?" -George Mason

James Madison, who recorded every moment of the Constitutional Convention which was mostly all contentious, recorded "there was no debate" upon the matter of a Convention of States. In fact, to emphasize this he wrote it in Latin.

Meckler reminded us that America was built around the idea of liberty which is only attainable through self-governance. Freedom, liberty and self-governance are not granted to us by the government, but by God. Government was only established to protect those rights. The Founders gave us the ultimate tool for self-governance in the second clause of Article V of the Constitution. 

Meckler told us that the legislators who do not support Article V claim to be Constitutionalists. They support a different Constitution than the ones the Founders signed and now resides in the Archives 120 miles away from where we were standing. Their Constitution is the annotated version written over the years by the Supreme Court. As of today that annotated version is 2738 pages...and counting. (Kind of like the national debt.) And the Founders never meant it this way.

Meckler reminded us of another Virginian, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson, himself, was a strong supporter of public education. While he was building the University of Virginia, a friend suggested to him that Jefferson get money from the federal government to help build the university. Jefferson replied that he obviously did not understand the Constitution, because it would take a Constitutional Amendment for the federal government to be involved in education. "How far we have fallen," Meckler concluded.   

Meckler ended his speech by reminding us that America is unique because we fix things. Most people in other countries wait for the government to fix their problems. Meckler used a great analogy of how Americans move restaurant tables on their own without asking management to accommodate a large group. Likewise Article V is the tool that allows We the People to fix our government. All it does is  allow the People to move the power from the federal government back to the states where it belongs.



And with that charge we journeyed up the hill to the General Assembly office building behind this grand monument. The bravery of the heroes of our country memorialized in this equestrian statue was the charge we were given...

from George Mason...

Founder-George Mason

from Patrick Henry...

Founder-Patrick Henry

from Thomas Jefferson...

Founder-Thomas Jefferson

and George Washington...

Founder-George Washington

to keep the republic that they founded for us. Thus we passed by that statue into the General Assembly Building to encourage our legislators to vote for a Convention of States to rein in the power of the federal government and the national that future generations can keep the republic too.

Read more and sign the petition to contact your state legislators

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Your pictures are beautiful. I enjoyed watching the event on Facebook. I was there with all of you in spirit. I'm praying Virginia will pass the Convention of States resolution this year.