Monday, December 19, 2016

Visiting with Santa, CFA, and a Christmas Party

Little did I know that last Saturday held a unique moment for me. After getting my daughter to work at CFA that day, I stayed for breakfast due to the weather. It was icy. My son had gone in earlier. CFA was a nice cozy and friendly place to hunker down while the outdoors thawed. My son joined me for breakfast, then suggested we have our picture taken with Santa. Then they called my daughter over to be in a picture with me.


Santa visited with me for quite a long time, sharing about his community service and showing  me his photo album of all the children who have been nice. Then he requested photos with both of my kids, so I took a picture of them doing that...

15622443_933948376736311_8734460624793629563_n is the professional portraiture.


My son, by the way, was promoted to manager earlier this autumn. I'm still trying to catch a shot of him with his bow tie...


When I bought a birthday card for him this year, I couldn't resist when I saw this one. It seemed so perfect for his new promotion!


The next day we attended the CFA Christmas party, to which I brought my Buche de Noel. I also brought some oatmeal rolls that I had baked.





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