Monday, August 29, 2016

Visiting a Magnolia Store in Virginia

When I drove to Culpepper for a free quilt pattern, I parked on the street in the first spot I could find in the historic area. When I got out of the van I saw this sign. It couldn't possibly be related to Chip and Joanna Gaines, or could it? I rushed to That Little Quilt Shop up the street to collect my pattern, then I cam back to check this place out!   


Clues: Waco, Texas. Milk paint. Old looking stuff.


Chalk paint. Shiplap.


Alas, it was Monday so they were closed. Hmm....the mystery intrigued me.


The name of the store was...Poppy Chalk.


Five days later I returned to Culpepper to submit my quilt to That Little Quilt Shop for a prize! I won! After lunch at the Culpepper Cheese Factory, we returned to Poppy Chalk where we met the owner. She explained that they sell products from Chip and Joanna's Magnolia store. Paint classes are also offered. I'm interested! Stay tuned!

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