Friday, December 9, 2016

Stamped Holiday Name Tags

While shopping for a Secret Sister ornament last month, I was surprised to not be able to find holiday gift tags.  I hadn't done any stamping since the kids were toddlers. I gave up that craft, because I can never get the stamp to completely stamp. Yet that had to be better than driving all over NoVA or even endlessly searching the internet for something I liked. However I can often find stamps that I like.


Although they are not perfectly stamped out, here are our name tags for this year. I spent about an hour on them. I had absolutely no desire to spend anymore time than that on them! ;)


I have no idea how the great ones do it, but I sort of like the handmade (not perfect) look which is a good thing, because I can never finesse what is in my head.


  1. Very pretty! My mom keeps the fronts of holiday cards that are sent to her to repurpose as name tags for gifts. Sometimes she cuts out a motif and sometimes she uses the whole card front. It's a great way to keep bringing memories from the people who sent the cards and to keep reusing gorgeous cards! Perhaps that idea might work for you?


    1. Oh we have done that too but not too many cards come in the mail anymore. My friends and family tend to send newsletters and e-cards these days. =)