Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Some of our Miscellaneous Ornaments

Every November in my Secret Sister program, the question of "what type of ornaments do you have?" always comes up. For years I've been meaning to write posts about our ornaments, because sometimes my Secret Sisters search my blog for ideas. I am determined to do this so I am finally getting these posts done!

When my son chopped down our Christmas tree this year, he found a bird's nest in the tree. We left it safely nestled in the tall grass we left behind, that had grown around the tree. I know the birds flew from the nest  months ago, but I didn't feel right bringing it into the house. I thought it would be nicer to leave it in the grass, perhaps for a small animal to find shelter in this winter. I told the kids I had a fake bird's nest at home that could represent the nest my son found...


This ornament was gifted to me by my Bible Study Fellowship small group leader last year. I hated to take it out of the bag. Actually I was so tired when I hung it up, with piles of more stuff to do, I left it this way.


My family collected these birds when they bought some gifts for me at Coldwater Creek years ago. Coldwater Creek no longer has a store front, which is a shame. They had the best customer service and department store I've ever experienced.


I bought this angel for myself while shopping for my Secret Sister in my first year. I gave her a matching one.


The little white church in the wood...


I finally  dug out some ribbon from my stash to put on the two on my kitchen windowsill, and this one. It made all the difference in my really liking them to loving them.


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