Monday, December 26, 2016

Sewing a Pink and Purple Zipper Case for my Daughter

Last summer my daughter saw some patterns for zipper cases in the quilt shop, so she asked me to sew a large one for her for a Christmas gift. I gulped. I didn't think I could ever sew anything like that. Nevertheless I bought a pattern and some fabric...and procrastinated.

Earlier this month I attempted sewing a zipper case for my Secret Sister, because she wasn't expecting one. If I failed, I wouldn't send it. Although I had to significantly change some aspects of the pattern, everything worked out and it actually looked like a zipper case! It even worked like a zipper case!

A few weeks ago my daughter wanted to go shopping with me to choose the fabric. I assured her not only did I already have her fabric, but that she would love it. Purple is her favorite color. She likes traditional. Flowers are good. I bought the pink and purple for the fashion fabric. I had bought the yellow at the same time for a later zipper case for her, but while digging for a lining fabric I didn't realize I needed, well...I settled on the yellow.  The lavender toile was for the nterlining, because I don't like modern man made products as the pattern suggested. I always prefer using a fabric lining.


Two hours later I had a zipper case!


She wants to store her gel pens in here.


The zipper actually works!


She loved it!


Mission accomplished!


The ribbon tab I borrowed from her stash...


It will be fun to hear what her classmates say!

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