Monday, August 22, 2016

Rowing in the Blue Ridge

So, like I said previously, I have absolutely no intent to compete in the Row by Row quilt contest, but I had this urge to collect yet a few more patterns in the Blue Ridge.  So....we drove to a new town to us!

In Lexington, we were blown away by driving through a mega fortress, which turned out to be Virginia Military Institute. Around the corner from that was the traditionally sedate Washington and Lee University. We have heard of VMI. The kids and I have studied about Washington and Lee. Anyway, that and a quick tour of the town will be a separate post. For now, on to the quilt shop!

11-Lexington 8-20-16

Isn't this a pretty pattern? I was so glad to get it...and to have discovered this fascinating town!

10-Lexington 8-20-16

The quilt shop owner put me and  my daughter to work. She asked us to select 4 scraps for a 4 patch quilt that she was sewing for charity.

12-Lexington 8-20-16

She had us sit down at her sewing machines.

13-Lexington 8-20-16

She was so great to help my daughter.

14-Lexington 8-20-16

15-Lexington 8-20-16

16-Lexington 8-20-16

17-Lexington 8-20-16

When we were done, the owner had us pose for a photo.  Then she had us display our 4 patches on the wall (seen behind us).

18-Lexington 8-20-16

After a picnic lunch and a walk through town (more on that later) we drove to Charlottesville for this quilt honoring University of Virginia!

19-Charlottesville 8-20-16

Then we stopped at the Moo Thru before going home!So that's it for row pattern collecting! I have a house to finish organizing!!!!

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