Sunday, August 21, 2016

Patriot Honor Ride in our Neighborhood

As previously posted, my next door neighbor undertook an amazing adventure over the summer, riding his bike from the northernmost point of Maine to the southernmost tip of Florida in honor of veterans...called the Patriot Honor Ride. Gary began his journey on August 1. Within a couple of weeks he was back within chase car driving distance of home, so he slept at home those nights while continuing his daily bike ride along the eastern seaboard. On one of those days, he arranged a special route, especially so his grandkids could ride their bikes with Pawpaw! So sweet!

It was announced for all the friends to attend to! My daughter and I waited the wrong pool. By the time we discovered our mistake, I was not able to attend, as there were details at home for me to attend to.

I had no idea they were going to additionally ride from the other swimming pool/play area to this play area.  I was heartbroken that I missed everything.




Folds of Honor...


The chase car covered in signatures! George Washington (of Colonial Williamsburg) even signed the car with a very accurate signature!


A few days later Gary was in Colonial Williamsburg for a very special Patriot Honor Ride in honor of the Silversmith's son-in-law. You can see the moving video here. I had hoped to attend this portion of the ride as well, but I was not able to. Again, much sadness in that. When I saw Gary after he came home from the Patriot Honor Ride, he was certain to show me the stunning silver bracelet the silversmith had made for him, in gratitude for honoring his son-in-law. Gary was so moved as he shared the details of the day at Colonial Williamsburg, with these special people, with me. Then he shared more moving stories, from Florida. It will warm your heart to read about the Patriot Honor Ride. Donations are still open, as Gary was raising money to provide scholarships for the children of the fallen heroes who had bravely served in the Armed Forces.

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