Sunday, September 18, 2016

Organizing Towards a New Sewing Room

Some of my other organizing, apart from the traditional piles of paperwork, involved the assortment of all of my bits and bobs which ended up being moved to new locations because I was reorganizing my kitchen because my husband started painting the ceilings. Hmm, that connection seems confusing, but it did happen.
9-8-16 Organizing Sewing

Meanwhile it led me to remember a recurring dream, of moving to a new house where I never used a certain space that would be perfect for my sewing room. Currently I sew at the dining room table. I store all my stuff in this closet, that cabinet, the other cabinet, and...etc, etc, etc.


I've passed off the dreams as being merely dreams, until I came to the cognizance that I do indeed have a new house with space that is being unused, space that would easily contain my sewing craft.


Meanwhile I have to keep all the books. I have to keep the couch and other furniture.


The unusual walls and corners create a challenge...


But surely there is a way I can economize and make something happen.


This is actually our old homeschool space. The trampoline and white board are currently used for my daughter's vision therapy exercises.

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