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Looking Back on my 2016 Booklist and a 2017 Book Announcement!

It's that time of year where we review our life. Quite frankly I had been discouraged by how little I accomplished. One of my goals was to work through my huge stack of books waiting to be read. I could only remember a few to share about. However, once I started perusing the bookcase, I was surprised by how much I infact have read!

First and foremost for me, is the Bible which I did read through this year. The pink binder contains my Bible Study Fellowship notes from this year's study of John, although I also studied Revelation last year. Each week we receive 6 pages that detail that weeks' study, full of 30-80  citations. (By the way  Bible Study Fellowship is international, teaches Scripture with Scripture, and has classes for men, women and children. I highly recommend it!)


These are the "young adults" books that I've read. The George Mason book was well researched. I blogged about it here. The bottom 4 books are from the incredible Landmark Series which I plan to blog on soon. Though written for kids, they are perfect not only for homeschool but also for big people to read too since history textbooks are so lacking in accurate content.


This is picture 1 of 2 of the "big people" books that I read. I actually read the couture sewing book a second time, which I blogged about here.
Last spring I was in major 18th century and George Washington mode, which is when I read the next 4 books. I blogged about Martha Washington: An American Life here. I shared a bit about Washington's Gardens at Mount Vernon, here, though I didn't think much of the premise of the book. Too far fetched for me! lol I had to separate fact from opinion with this book. However the photography was stunning!
After reading Dining with the Washingtons I toured Mount Vernon, again, with my daughter (and we got our photo with Abraham Lincoln). We toured the newly restored home and were shocked that they no longer use the dining room as the dining room, but now only as the reception and dancing room. I asked where all those guests that the Washington's were famed for having, ate? I was told in the little eating room. Um, what? I challenged them on that, and asked how in the world everyone would fit there. They said they were put out into the foyer to eat. What? We've always been taught that English  Country dance fit perfectly into the foyers and the dining room was perfectly large enough to hold all the numerous guests...then they could have pushed back the tables for the dancing afterwards (in my mind...but not according to their research, they said.) Also the  ugliest brown painted chairs were on the veranda on the back porch so I asked what happened to the gorgeous green chairs. I was told the brown chairs were painted brown to look like wood. Um, what? With sloppy drip marks? That didn't sound like proper historical conservation or restoration to me. Well, I guess they are the experts, but I have a hard time believing all that. lol So now I want to reread the Dining with the Washingtons book again to see if I missed something! lol
I got the Earl Hamner book when I visited Walton's Mountain, then I blogged about the book here, with two more posts to come.

I got all the Veith books at Patrick Henry College. He was one of my son's literature professors. I've blogged about Postmodern Times here and God at Work here. I attended 2 Constitutional Literacy Seminars with Michael Farris (who founded Patrick Henry  College) and Jenna Ellis in Feb 2016 which I blogged about here. This post also shares why many  of these books were the ones I chose to read this year. I haven't blogged about it but in October 2016 I got to attend their seminar again, in person! While there I bought the book that Ellis wrote The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution. I  shared a bit about here. I was on the Eric Metaxas booklaunch team for If You Can Keep It. I wrote several posts that are catalogued here.


At the top is this great book on Political Life in Eighteenth-Century Virginia which I blogged a bit about here.


Although I took several books with me when I had to drive and sit and wait for my kids, there were usually issues with reading them. I kept forgetting where I left off, so I resorted to crossword puzzles that my daughter has bought for me in the last few years. They have become a bit addictive and I'm figuring out the pattern to even the maddening advanced ones. I hope they are improving my analytic skills.


These are the books that I started reading but haven't finished, so I will pick them up again in 2017. You might note two copies of Wide as the Waters. I bought this years ago, read, it and learned a lot at the surface letter of the people and events. Later I read about it in Michael Farris' book From Tyndale to Madison which I shared a bit about here. Turns out Wide as the Waters was one of the inspirations for the Tyndale to Madison book.  So I began rereading it and wow! I started learning a whole new layer of information on liberty and freedom that I missed the first time. A few months ago I found the hardback copy of Wide as the Waters in the used bookstore for a great price. It's such a nice copy, it's such a great book, I couldn't resist. So now I have two copies!


Which leads me to the announcement! I am on another Eric Metaxas Booklaunch Team! This one is for the reprint of his book, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About  God (But Were Afraid to Ask). From what I've seen of the book, is a great primer for those who are terrified of digging into deep thinking verbose apologetic books. I will receive my fee copy in a few weeks to start reviewing. Stay tuned!

Copy Courtesy Eric Metaxas Booklaunch Team
Image courtesy of the Eric Metaxas Book Launch Team

For a catalogue of posts I've done about  Eric Metaxas and his other works, see this post.

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