Friday, August 12, 2016

More Rowing Not Far from the Potomac

After dropping my son off for his conference, my daughter and I spent some time collecting row patterns. I know. I said I wouldn't collect anymore patterns, but there were 2 stores that were soooooo close, so.....why not? It was only a few miles from the conference for this pattern in Ashburn:

8-Ashburn 8-12-16

Then we went to historic Leesburg for this pattern. Hmm....

9-Leesburg 8-12-16

...from this shop...


I took as many pictures as I could between the shop and where I was parked.

It was so difficult to avoid all the power lines.





One day we'll have to come back to walk through more of the town and learn the history. On this day I had to drive back towards home to get my daughter to work. I have two more patterns with no plans for them. I'm not sure I'll ever use either. I collected them mainly because we were already in the area, due to the conference. And it was a chance to learn more about the area. The Finch pattern though had very non-specific directions, (words only, no illustrations) and was a bit too global for me. =) So....that one I tossed into the trash. The other one I will hold in reserve, especially I'm not competing in the Row by Row. After  all, I still have piles of paperwork to organize.

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