Thursday, August 11, 2016

Discovering Breakpoint!

I've been busy driving my son back and forth for a couple of days to Ashburn for a leadership conference.


As we drove into the parking lot, we were quite surprised to discover the sign on the doors: McLean Bible Church. So this is where the Loudon campus was located! We've attended the Manassas campus in the past. It was definitely one of our favorite churches in the area.


When I picked my son up after day 1, he got into the car and asked, "Mom, who was that guy whose biography you had me read in my senior year? He was part of the Nixon administration and ended up in jail?" I reminded him that that was Chuck Colson, and as a result of his prison experience he began a ministry for inmates, called Prison Fellowship. I added that he also founded another ministry called Breakpoint. My son got more excited the more I talked.  He exclaimed, "Mom! This is Breakpoint!"


What? No. For all the time we spent at McLean, why didn't they ever mention it?


I first read Chuck Colson's book, Born Again, when I was a young teenager. It was summer vacation. I was bored. I perused my parents' bookcase and decided to read his book. It was fascinating. His message stayed with me all these years. It's one of my favorite books.


When we moved to Northern Virginia from Texas, I did a bit of research. I learned that Breakpoint was somewhere unfamiliar to me in Northern Virginia. I wondered if I'd ever come across it in my travels. I used to listen to Colson on the Breakpoint radio broadcasts every day. I was even subscribed to the Breakpoint e-mails.


Then in my daughter's senior year, I read the book again. (We homeschooled.) Then in my son's senior year, I read the book yet again. It's that good...and important. So when I read that Colson had lived in McClean, I had a vague idea where that was.  But I never knew where he attended church.


Well, small world, because I was even familiar with the group leading the conference. They are from another state. I had read some of their pastor's books in the past too.


So finally all of the dots connected.


By the way, I highly recommend Chuck Colson's book, Born Again!

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