Thursday, December 1, 2016

Chopping Down our Christmas Tree and Finding a Bird's Nest Reminiscent of Walton's Mountain

My kids, busy as they are, were determined to be part of our annual chopping down of the Christmas tree. That meant waiting until the Sunday after Thanksgiving, which was our first opportunity to be together as a family. Also I was happy to rest for a couple of days because Thanksgiving preparations wiped me out. This is a big deal to me and the kids, because we never did this in Texas. We've only ever seen Christmas tree hunting in movies. So when we first moved to Virginia the kids and I created this new tradition. We had to take this moment to be like our neighbors...the Waltons. How can anyone forget that iconic scene when John Boy goes with Grandpa to get a Christmas tree? Instead of driving to Walton's Mountain, we went to a Christmas tree farm.

The kids are quite particular about size...


Height is enormously important...


Inside the tree my son discovered...


...a bird's nest! This reminded me of Mary Ellen Walton. She would have loved finding a bird's nest in the tree! We carefully took it out...


My son chopped sawed the tree down. After that I asked that we place the nest in the high grass that had surrounded the tree. I felt sad about taking the nest away or leaving it in the middle of the field. It seemed so right to lay it in the high grass. Perhaps it will become a warm home for a small creature this winter when the ice, snow and bitterly cold winds descend.


Then off we went to shake the tree, pay for it and enjoy some hot apple cider!


It was a late start to decorating for Christmas, but I was so happy that the kids got to participate since this was important to them. I love advent in the evenings to prepare my heart for the Reason for the Season, the birth of Jesus, Emmanuel, Savior. I also enjoy the traditions in which we partake as a family...creating memories. My mom was a huge Walton's fan and so I grew up with them. I think it's pretty neat that they are now my "neighbors."  In fact, another blog post I am behind on is when we actually visited Walton's Mountain last summer! Stay tuned for that post!

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