Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Breakpoint, Chuck Colson, and Eric Metaxas

One of my go-to resources during homeschool years was Breakpoint, hosted by Chuck Colson. I had been heavily influenced by Colson's dramatic story, which I used in our 20th century studies. When his program began in 1991, I listened to him as often as I could. Breakpoint was a treasure chest of information packed into a few nuggets of a sound bite. As we got busy with homeschool, I read the Breakpoint daily e-mails. Colson's writings (both in books and at Breakpoint) were full of intellectual thought, encouraged us to reach out to help others, and helped us understand history better than any textbook. It was a great resource for our classical homeschool studies.

Over the years I stumbled upon the work of Eric Metaxas at Breakpoint. It took a while for me to connect the dots: Veggie Tales, Squanto, Breakpoint, Wilberforce, Bonhoeffer...but when I finally did I could only be amazed at Metaxas' eclectic spread. At this link you can hear the June 18, 2012 podcast with Phil Vischer (aka Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales who had hired Metaxas years ago to help write Veggie Tales.)The following details are from this podcast:

Around the time my kids were born, Metaxas heard that Chuck Colson would be speaking at Yale Law School. Having read all of Colson's books, Metaxas had to go! Afterwards he wrote a letter for Colson and included it with one of his children's books for Colson's grandchildren. He received a lovely note back with a promise that he'd be remembered. And he was. A couple of years later Breakpoint called him to interview, and Metaxas got a job on their editorial team for a few years.

Poignantly, Vischer brought up that Chuck Colson had recently passed away. They discussed Colson's work with Prison Fellowship (have you ever participated in Angel Tree?) and Colson's great intellectual mind that we see in his writings. Even when reading Colson's biography, Born Again, he shares that it was a CS Lewis book, Mere Christianity, that led to his turning to Christ. After the death of Chuck Colson, a new voice was needed for the radio program. Eric Metaxas was invited to be that voice. Today we hear the voices of Eric Metaxas and John Stonestreet who co-host Breakpoint.

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